Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Geometric Bows (and my first free wallpaper download!)

Whenever I don't know what to design, I color a grid. I love order, triangles, and being exact, so bows were the perfect thing to doodle. I was initially going to make a triangle pattern, but I thought this would be more interesting.

I've also turned it digital by altering it and creating a desktop wallpaper, so feel free to download and use it! I used to make a lot of wallpapers with Paint Shop Pro when I was in middle school. Thankfully, there are no traces of them. It was just a whole bunch of text all over the place and honestly, it was really ugly. Thank God that I don't do that anymore :p

I stuck to only two colors for consistency: mint and pink-ish peach. They are currently my two favorite pastel colors. I used Adobe Illustrator and man, that program is magic. I love that it is vector-based, meaning no ugly pixels when re-sizing! (I had to move in into Photoshop though, so it's not as nice now.)

Note: Make sure you click "Download the Original size of this photo" to fit your desktop properly.

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