Monday, May 13, 2013

5: Reasons I Love Handmade Stuff

For someone who says they're into "DIY" projects, you would think I'd have plenty of stuff to share with you guys. But I don't. There are many projects I have planned in here (points to brain), but I have yet to execute them because this is my last week of school for the semester! Meaning the dreaded "F" word ... finals. I have two exams to take and a video to present, but after that, I'll be home free! I just applied for a summer internship, so fingers crossed that I'll be able to do that. It's perfect because it's located in my home city.

Since I have been thinking a lot about DIY projects, here are a couple of artsy handmade pieces (as you can tell by the title) that I have been loving. All of these people are so creative, so I highly recommend you check out their other art pieces and DIY projects!

1. Illustrations by Emma Leonard
Anyone can be able to see that Emma spends quality time with each of her pieces. I love that everything is so simple, yet so detailed. I took a drawing class during my senior year of high school and did a horrible job at sketching my portrait, so I know that it takes talent and skill to design works like Emma does!

2. Floral Antlers Necklace Display by A Beautiful Mess
As you already read, I have a huge list of DIY projects to try. Sadly, I haven't tried any of them yet! (So much for trying to be creative.) But I WILL be crossing off some of those projects during my summer break, no matter what happens. I'm currently using a drawer to store my jewelry, so I never reach for my necklaces or bracelets to wear. Having them on display and being able to see them everyday will probably increase my chances of wearing my tiny collection. Even if I have to find a tree branch off the ground or rip one off a tree (okay maybe not), I will be making a display!

3. I Heart California necklace by tru.che
Anyone who makes jewelry gets a thumbs up in my book. I have been looking at this for so long, but I haven't bought it because I know I don't wear my necklaces. Maybe after I make my floral antler necklace display ... haha. Stevie has also made a bunch of other states in her collection, "The Original United States of Love."

{birthstone calendar, watercolor swash calendar}

4. Handmades by oh my deer!
If only I could hand-letter with watercolor as beautifully as Chelsea does ... my small brain cannot understand how her watercolor writing is so perfect and clean. That is all.

5. DIY Chevron Midi Rings by a pair and a spare
When the gold chevron midi rings from Forever 21 sold out, I was very sad. But now I can make them, yay! Just wondering though - wouldn't the ends of a wire hurt if it comes in contact with your skin? Even if you wrap it up, there's still a little bit left. I guess it just makes me cringe because it's a reminder of the time my orthodontist poked my gums with a wire when I had braces. I got an infection and had to take my third (or fourth?) grade portrait with a swollen gum! I still have the pictures to prove it ...

If you have a DIY favorite, let me know! I would love to try it out :)


  1. Ahh the illustrations are so pretty! :))

    I am running an International Giveaway on my blog now, and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win some YSL, Chanel and Essie products! <3


  2. I love diy too but I haven´t made that many yet. Wish I had more talent. I love all of your picks. Esp. the cool necklace. The truth is I buy necklaces all the time but wear them next to never. I made some heartshaped friedship bracelets inspired by honestly wtf. That was fun. Good luck with your exams!!


  3. I hear you! There are so many DIY projects on my list (I'm pinning them all to pinterest and they mostly just stay there...). One day soon I will just go and start making some of them. I especially love the ring DIY from a pair and a spare, I haven't seen it yet and it looks so great.

  4. oh! the illustrations are amazing!

  5. totally love the DIY project, the necklaces and the rings are so cute

  6. Love that pretty ring :)

    xo Jennifer

  7. Hooray for handmade! <3 I'm rather in love with the prints - and the ring too! Okay.. maybe all of it then! ; )

    Lost in the Haze